sakura KISSU

kissu kissu FAAL in LoVe <333

*~*~hAwT sM3xY bIsHi3 g0d355***~~~
20 December 1994
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elouai&apos;s doll maker 3
me @ skool ^^;

elouai&apos;s doll maker 3

my malik-kun cosplay XD

hey there w3lc0m3 2 my random page!!11 lol i am totally random i love HAWT SMEXY BISHIES

im a total smex godess i love my bishioes and take pride in them lol

sasuke-kun and naruto-chan are soooo cute lol and hawt and smexy but the smixiest is sasuke-san! *fangirl puddle FANGASM*

newayz thx for joining my smexy pg of d00m & rand0mn3ss


a little about meh:

name: ashley!

nicknames: pocky mistress, smex goddess, smexy bishie queen, ashy, ashleyashley-chan

age: 15

bff: bishiegurl57

icons: smexcons

lover: hitachiin twins <333 TWINCEST + MEH = SMEXY and malik-kun XD

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